Dandy Jack, aka Martin Schopf, is one of the most talented musician and behind-the-scenes organizer in both Chile and Germany. Worldwide renowned, as much for his productions than for his main influence in the electronic movement since 1989, Dandy Jack is one of the pioneers of electronic music since the beginning. For a long period of time, there was a constant change in its place of residence, which definitely has had an influence on his music and productions. The result is a systematic negation of conventional physics in terms of music and geographical borders. In Santiago, in 1996, he created the Microman Club together with Adrian Schopf (DJ Adrian), which apart from being a club became a nucleus for many electronic events such as Encuentro de la Technocultura. After that, he became the head of Mutek Chile, considered as the best-evaluated Electronic Arts Festival of South Canada.
Following Subrosa Elektropunk and the reclamation of the intercontinental Zone Industriel in the 80’s, Dandy Jack together with his World Citizen colleague, Atom Heart aka Uwe Schmidt, designed Particle-House structures under the project Gon (Señor Coconut). The 90’s were characterized by the diversity of global and microelectronic excursions. He was also a sound design consultant for Marcely Antunez’s (La Fura Dels Baus) digital-mechanical performance, Epizoo, which premiered in Florence, Italy. In 1989, Dandy Jack created the Band Sieg über die Sonne, together with Tobias Freund, taking part in Germany’s Electronic Evolution from the day of its creation until today. In 1997 he founded the label Ruta 5. Ruta 5 is a label specialized in electronic music and has its origin in other Countries than America and Germany, which still rule the market today.

The label claims to act as a channel for new electronic music, less focused on nationality. It's starting point, is Dandy Jack's country of birth, Chile. Specialized in compiling electronic music produced all over the globe, Ruta5 extends today its activities to events organisation and artists representation. As a musician he released many individual projects such as Dandy Jack and the Cosmic Trousers in 1997, Dandy Jack and the Plastic Women in 1998 - both for the label Rather Interesting - or Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava in 2001 and Dandy Jack and the junction SM 2004 both on Perlon. Many of his projects intensify the link between electronic music and Latin sounds and rhythms. On the other hand, Dandy Jack has developed a wide range of musical styles until today, which is the proof of his genius understanding of music and of his passion for electronic sounds. This unique vision of multiplicity of sounds and bounding took him to develop many different projects with other a range of amazing artists, such as:
Gon together with Uwe Schmidt (Atom Heart, Señor Coconut)
Amp with Pete Namlook, Sieg über die Sonne with Tobias (Licenced by Sony Music)
Gonzalo Martinez with Jorge Gonzalez (Warner)
Ric y Martin with Ricardo Villalobos
John Keys with Andrés García.
Carabina 30:30 with Luciano
Los Refrescos with Argenis Britos

His is also making part of the from Ricardo Villalobos founded project called Narod Niki.

Narod Niki is a jam laptop supergroup with Dandy Jack, Dimbiman, Luciano, Daniel Bell, Cabanne, Richie Hawtin, Akufen and Ricardo Villalobos and many more. The most recent and amazing news is that Dandy Jack just joined Luciano and the Vagabundos for a collaboration, from which magical new sound is expected for the summer session 2012 in Ibiza.

Stay tunned!

Dandy Jack