Sebastian Fiegen is back, this time on Cadenza Lab after his debut release 'Dopeman' found it's way onto so many of Luciano's sets and was released digitally and on vinyl on Cadenza last April. Learn more


Vagabundos is back to Madrid on the 11th of March 2017. Learn more


Come and dance with us at the Cadenza Showcase in our city Lausanne, at DClub! Learn more

CAD 111

Originally released in 2014, Luciano’s ‘The Great Amael’ is an enchanting and endearing trip; a lo-fi bubbling groove and dusted Hammond organs that hustle along whilst live percussion cuts through the oceanic atmospherics. Two years on, and Cadenza Music call upon a brace of remixers to provide fresh and unique interpretations of this hidden gem in Luciano’s catalogue. Learn more


Luciano's forthcoming Cadenza release 'Alma Sounds' is a collaboration with astronomers at the ALMA observatory who invited Luciano to join in on their own 'Alma Sounds' project which is debuting at Sonar+D. Learn more


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Latest releases

CAL33 - Madame

produced by Sebastian Fiegen

CAL32 - R.AM

produced by Ad Finem

CAL31 - Blossomz

produced by Tripmastaz

Cadenza111 - The Great Amael Remixes

produced by Audion, Seth Troxler, Phil Moffa

CAL030 - Power Point

produced by Ezikiel